What is Geological Agriculture? Geological Agriculture or GeoAg is the study and application of cultivating plants in sedimentary rock to full sustainment without soils and fertilizers. All that is currently known about GeoAg can be found in the book River Stones Grow Plants 2018 Edition by Richard Campbell with contributions from Tennessee State University and George Washington University.

Why Go Geological Agriculture? Because it allows your populations to have permanent access to nutritious crops and food without the need for ongoing costs. Because the nutrition value of gravel grown plants is very high and the growing medium is all around you, ridiculously affordable, and will last a lifetime. GeoAg allows your citizens to eat fresh daily for the rest of their lives. See University Testing Report. See benefits below.


  1. Every household can have permanent access to nutrition
  2. No soil needed
  3. No fertilizers needed
  4. Over 50% less watering
  5. 90% less weeding
  6. Self-composting
  7. Improving organic ecosystem
  8. Durable
  9. Scale-able
  10. Sustainable
  11. Grows many plant types and varieties
  12. Drought resistant
  13. Low outdoor maintenance
  14. Indoors or outdoors use
  15. Attractive and Adaptable